Cisco UCS Deployment Guide

In the latest times, Cisco UCS (Unified Computing Systems) has become the trend in the datacenter environment for multiple organizations, especially for those which lean highly in virtualization. Cisco has also been very agressive promoting this technology, and trying to compete fiercely the pioneer in Server technologies like IBM and HP.

Even though UCS may seem hard and complex to configure, because of the myriad of terms that are used in its sphere. Actually, It is not! In these blog series, we’ll explore the fundamentals, the deployment of a UCS cluster, its initial configuration, and finally explain what is a Service Profile and how to apply it to UCS server to make it fully functional and operative.

Part 1. UCS Deployment Guide – Cisco UCS Concepts

Part 2. UCS Deployment Guide – Cabling and Cluster Creation

Part 3. UCS Deployment Guide – UCS Service Profile, The Building Blocks

Part 4. UCS Deployment Guide -Service Profiles Templates and Service Profiles Assignment



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